Actonomy's semantic technology was designed to help you do business in a much more efficient way and to optimise your recruitment process! Actonomy’s technology helps you through the different steps of the recruitment process with effortless onboarding of talent (using CV parsing) and brief and accurate sourcing of talent (in your own talent pool and external sources alike!). Our unique searching and matching technology then delivers swift and precise matches with your job requirements.

Actonomy offers you easy-to-use and flexible solutions that are powered by advanced technology.  Our underlaying technology is a unique combination of articifial intelligence, machine learning, language processing and big data!  That is why we understand what you mean while searching and why our software can think for you to get you the bes possible results!



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Ultimate solution for jobboards, corporate HR departments or a large recruitment agencies looking to enhance an existing solution with CV parsing, semantic search & match!

Looking for flexibility and easy to integrate and configure to your own needs?

Need to get better search&match results in a much more efficient way than with 'traditional search'? Or would you like candidates to simply upload their CV and get jobs right away to really match?

Find out why xMP is your solution for semantic searching and matching!

Looking to increase your branding?
To create a higher visibility by using the most appealing job titles for your job descriptions?

Or do you want to know what skills are linked to a specific job title? xMP Data Services gives you an insight in commonly used job titles, in skills that are required for a given job!

As a cloud service, xMP Data services will enrich you existing data with more details and will create a higher visibility and a better finding of both jobs and candidates!

Are you a recruitment agency or a corporate professional looking for a webbased off-the-shelf solution for CV & vacancy management? Interested in automation of your candidate acquisition using CV parsing ?

Would you like to source talent in social media/external sources?

Find out why Matchbase with its integrated search and match solution is better than any other solution in the market!


  • Actonomy becomes part of the Belgian based HRTech Valley: a unique ecosystem allowing to stimulate the synergie between leading HR tech vendor!   
  • Proud to be a sponsor of the NORA awards on November 16th, 2016!
  • HRTechWorld Paris is about to start : a perfect occasion to unleash the new power of matching and online screening!  Actonomy and Thalento are pleased to introduce Match&Hire - the first '360° Talent Profiler'!

  • xMP Profile Gap Analyser available : not only the matching score of jobs and candidates (and vice versa) is important but also the reason why there is no match.  What skills are missing, why does somebody not match?  This is what the 'Gap analyser' is giving you : the reason for not matching and hence the reason for taking a course or for improvement in general.  contact for more information.
  • Actonomy unveils part of its innovation roadmap as a member of the ASIMOV consortium to deliver job matching 2.0 - see more details in the news section or on ASIMOV.
  • Being the pioneer in HR ontology creation, we now launch our xMP Data Services providing you a detailed view on job market information during Recruitment Agency Expo in London on Febuary 3 - 4, 201
  • Actonomy releases new Matchbase 5.0 : advanced profile-to-profile matching, single click from jobdescription to candidate and new sources added to the federated search module!
  • Beyond fuzzy geolocation search : Polygon Geo Matching in xMP 5.x - just click on a map and create your own area in which you want to search for candidates or jobs - no longer limited to a radius!

Actonomy - in brief:

  • HR Solutions for Semantic Search, Semantic Matching, Resume Matching/CV Matching
    Actonomy's HR Software is the most accurate semantic search and match technology in the world, specialized with the HRM environment and HRM community sites in mind. Our intelligent CV Matching and Vacancy Matching solutions bridge both structured and unstructured data. This, in combination with the complex but fascinating technology of Semantic Search, explains in a nutshell what we do: We simply search smarter!
  • CV Matching, CV Extraction / Resume Matching, Resume Extraction - What does it mean for me?
    Recruiters, staffing companies, job boards, corporate recruiters, and community sites all have the same goal: finding the best resumes or profiles that match the needs of a job description. This requires going beyond searches that simply understand sentence structure. And this is why you should rely on Actonomy: our CV Matching / Resume matching technology finds unexpected matches between job descriptions and candidate resumes because it 'understands' the language and extracts the relevant information from CVs and vacancies. You save time and money, you improve your quality of service, and you get more and better results out of your databases. 


Are you a recruitment agency or a corporate

professional looking for a webbased off-the-shelf solution                

for CV & vacancy management?                                                        

Are you interested in automation of your candidate acquisition using parsing ?                              

Would you like to source talent in social media/external sources?

Find out why Actonomy’s integrated        

search and match solution is                                              

better than any other solution in the market? Click here