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Actonomy solutions consist of many different modules designed to optimise your processes.  To make it easy for our clients, several modules are packaged into single platforms.  xMP is our core product and it offers many different modules that you can use!  Simplicity in product packaging makes also your live easy! Extraction of CV's, parsing of vacancies, semantic search, semantic matching, classification, federated search, semantic autocompletion, classification and many more things that make the difference for your application are integrated into a single package!  Select and deploy for your easiness!


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  • semantic searching/semantic matching platform in structured and unstructured data alike.
  • free text search and context sensitive searching
  • bi-directional CV matching / vacancy matching
  • Profile to Profile matching
  • search for look alike CVs
  • optional CVparsing service
  • integrated vacancy parsing
  • Market information on job description, job titles and skills
  • Integrated term extraction and vacancy extraction
  • understandable concepts
  • 300.000 concepts (titles, skills)
  • 70.000 job titles
  • 1.500 job clusters
  • 300 industries
  • Available in 10 languages
  • CV and vacancy management platform
  • Matching of CVs with vacancies / vacancies with CVs
  • Matching with similar CVs (profile to profile)
  • CV / vacancy extraction
  • Candidate sourcing / candidate onboarding
  • Search for CVs in external databases / social media
  • Webbased / also available as SaaS


Actonomy's HRM Solutions for CV Matching, CV Extraction and Vacancy Matching : matching candidates with jobs and jobs with candidates!

Actonomy's semantic search and semantic matching solutions are based on a thorough understanding of how technology is used in a business environment and what it takes to make optimal use of it.

Actonomy’s flagship product, xMP, provides a generic semantic search and match platform that has been optimised to find people in HRM-related applications. Actonomy instantly matches the best candidate CVs or profiles with the needs of job descriptions and vice versa (matching candidates with jobs - matching jobs with candidates).

Actonomy professionals understand how recruiters search for candidates and how candidates look for jobs. This knowledge has been formalised and embedded in the xMP platform, thus emulating the behaviour both of recruiters and candidates. The technology is intelligent, thinking the same way as humans would and providing results as expected by recruiters and candidates but in a much faster way: the technology immediately understands the context and meaning of the search, what you are looking for, and why.

Serving recruiters and candidates with better and faster matches, with higher quality CVs and vacancies: this is the ultimate goal of Actonomy search & match solutions!

Learn more about the xMP Product Suite and the Ontology in this section!

semantic searching/semantic matching platform            . overview of all vacancies in defined area

   in structured and unstructured data alike