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Job sites today are facing substantial challenges. Quality of service to both candidates and recruiters and HR AI technology, are more than ever before a key differentiator. Job boards are becoming a fully automated channel competing to win the top spot as a quality recruitment platform for companies.

Companies using job sites also face their challenges with recruitment and talent acquisition. Direct sourcing of candidates provides huge savings but might be time-consuming. Visibility of the posted jobs is another challenge to attract the right candidates. The Actonomy xMP allows recruiters to create better job posting by comparing huge amounts of job profiles and skillsets.

On their side, job seekers struggle with finding the most suitable jobs on the internet. Using the Semantic Search the candidates find more relevant jobs. The Actonomy xMP with AI enables job seekers to easily create online profiles without filling in forms. They also can be instantly matched and ranked with posted jobs and get their skills gap. Instead of manually selecting a list of skills to enrich their profiles online, they can upload or refer to their already existing profile or CV.

  • Optimize postings
    Create better job posting by comparing general data driven job profiles and skillsets.

  • Create online profiles
    The Actonomy xMP lets job seekers easily create online profiles without filling in forms.

and fine-grained matching

Actonomy uses the by far largest HR knowledge database and understands about 1 billion function titles & skills : a world’s premier! Accuracy leads to better finding candidates, and ultimately better matches in less time. Read more.

jobmatching & search results

Actonomy uses all info from the ontology database. Thanks to the artificial intelligence engine, it even uses ‘implicit’ knowledge. Be clever: focus on people, not on systems. Read more about complete search results.

without system constraints

Actonomy’s solutions allow you to set up your recruitment process the way you want it, without system constraints. We follow the client’s demands, not the other way around. Read more about the flexibility of Actonomy

How Roularta and Streekpersoneel.be create the best matches

Roularta Local Media is partnering with Actonomy for their job site Streekpersoneel.be, to guide search and filtering in the right direction. For their new platform, it will use Actonomy’s matching technology to integrate the hard skills of the candidate and the values of the company.

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Automated semantic searching and matches does much more than matching words to one another: it matches the meaning of these words, as well as of the underlying concepts and contexts.

Actonomy helps you find the right candidates