Good HR resources are sometimes hard to get by. Actonomy is a fully independent company, and is part of the geneHRations network of HR tech entrepreneurs turning opportunities into viable business. In order to educate, facilitate and stimulate the adoption of our intelligent technologies and candidate matching software in HR, Actonomy collects useful HR related resources such as trendbarometers, case studies, guides and more. 

Latest HR & technology resources

Minggo - EngageX presentation

Minggo is a digital recruiter assistant who supports recruiters 24/7 in their work. She makes this happen by combining your trusted technology and automating it as a whole. You choose which tasks you want Minggo to take over, the possibilities are endless. For example, she can automatically send the best vacancies to candidates, schedule interviews, update profiles and much more.

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TrendbaHRometer 2020 (DUTCH)

GeneHRations has summarized its vision on the market and on the key technologies that will influence our industry in the coming years.  Read our vision and read the story of the different companies that act under the geneHRations wings here. You will not only learn about our ecosystem, about our vision on technology and market but also learn from experts in the market such as Federgon,  SDWorx,…. And many others.

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Our solutions

xMP Semantic Mind (PDF)

xMP Semantic Mind is the best solution on the market when it comes to searching natural language text (such as CV’s and job postings), context-sensitive and implicit search in both structured and unstructured data, resulting in ultra-rich input, going far beyond traditional keyword searching and matching.

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xMP Data Service (PDF)

This is the recruitment technology for those who want to enrich their searching and matching software with the best HR-ontology on the market. These ontologies are available for several languages and contain detailed job descriptions, function titles, ... and much more HR-related information in a semantic knowledge network.

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Actonomy in a nutshell

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Latest news & events

1712, 2020

X-mas message from our CEO

Dear All, We are approaching the end of the year.  A remarkable year in all aspects but we are not complaining! We managed to maintain our level of business and

311, 2020

Actonomy in zee met Agilitas!

Agilitas, één van de grootste uitzendgroepen in België, heeft Actonomy uitgekozen om zijn Carerix rekruteringsplatform te voorzien van de beste searching en matching technologie die er momenteel op de markt