Find better candidates faster and match skills to jobs

The market of the staffing industry keeps on growing, resulting in more competition and more pressure. As a consequence, staffing agencies have to deliver the most relevant and available candidates to their customers fast and accurately.

The quickest way to find the best candidates is to use automatic Semantic Matching. This advanced technology automatically analyses the job requirements and searches through the whole candidate database for the best matches. This does not only return a score for each candidate but also provides the reasons why those candidates have been picked. 

This same technology can be used for prospecting. Imagine you have a high quality candidate, but no open vacancy ready. Actonomy xMP Semantic Mind matches candidates with customers, taking into account the vacancy history of each customer. Matching configurations are integrated, in an automatic and very flexible way.

In case you don’t have the right candidate in your database, Actonomy xMP Semantic Mind performs the same search request on external HR platforms.

  • Fast jobmatching
    Staffing and recruitment agencies can deliver the most relevant and available candidates to their customers fast and accurately.

  • Comprehensible
    The technology explains the reasons why the candidates have been selected. 

  • Saves time
    Staffing agencies that use the technology have more time for the human aspect. 

and fine-grained matching

Actonomy uses the by far largest HR knowledge database and understands about 1 billion function titles & skills : a world’s premier! Accuracy leads to better finding candidates, and ultimately better matches in less time.

jobmatching & search results

Actonomy uses all info from the ontology database. Thanks to the artificial intelligence engine, it even uses ‘implicit’ knowledge. Be clever: focus on people, not on systems.

match & search result insights

Actonomy allows you to backtrace the searching and matching process. Transparant insights give confidence and time for what matters: the human aspect of HR. Actonomy offers traceability instead of black-box software.

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Our resume scanning software and recruiting automation software is based on human and artificial intelligence and delivers quick and meaningful ranked matching results. 

Actonomy helps you find the right candidates