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To find suitable candidates, Actonomy offers an automated matching plug-in for faster and accurate matching of candidates with jobs and jobs with candidates. The plug-in uses semantic matching and searching from xMP Semantic Mind and is smoothly integrated into existing workflows.

Experience the competitive advantage of superior and more efficient technology.

  • Make your product better
    By integrating the best matching engine or data services into your product.

  • Get a headstart
    By using proven, existing software for your own needs. Why invent hot water?

without system constraints

Actonomy’s solutions allow you to set up your recruitment process the way you want it, without system constraints. We follow the client’s demands, not the other way around.

and fine-grained matching

Actonomy uses the by far largest HR knowledge database and understands about 1 billion function titles & skills : a world’s premier! Accuracy leads to better finding candidates, and ultimately better matches in less time.

jobmatching & search results

Actonomy uses all info from the ontology database. Thanks to the artificial intelligence engine, it even uses ‘implicit’ knowledge. Be clever: focus on people, not on systems.

How Otys uses Actonomy

Dutch company Otys Recruiting Technology automatizes workflow and processes, aiming at global players active in recruitment and selection. For more than ten years already it is teaming up with Actonomy by using its matching technology. Jorrit Blok, founder and CEO of Otys, praises the quality of the unique Actonomy ontology.

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Automated semantic searching and matches does much more than matching words to one another: it matches the meaning of these words, as well as of the underlying concepts and contexts.

Actonomy helps you find the right things