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Actonomy for Carerix V2.0 : new plug-in released!

January 27th, 2021|news|

A new powerful matching plug-in for Carerix was released.  Apart from the latest AI matching power, the plug-in offers some interesting new features : Actonomy Insight : an interactive way to create your own matching models using a simple 'click' to

X-mas message from our CEO

December 17th, 2020|news|

Dear All, We are approaching the end of the year.  A remarkable year in all aspects but we are not complaining! We managed to maintain our level of business and we managed to work even more closely with partners and clients. 

Actonomy in zee met Agilitas!

November 3rd, 2020|news|

Agilitas, één van de grootste uitzendgroepen in België, heeft Actonomy uitgekozen om zijn Carerix rekruteringsplatform te voorzien van de beste searching en matching technologie die er momenteel op de markt is. Flexibiliteit, configureerbare engine en een uiterst vlotte samenwerking zorgden ervoor

Biased about AI being unbiased

August 18th, 2020|blog|

Even though most recruiters will not be biased ‘on purpose’, bias is unavoidable in human interaction based decision making. AI does not take into account your race, your habits and the like when screening your skills and matching them to job profiles.

Summer Release 2020 : xMP 5.7.18 released!

August 12th, 2020|news, Whats-New|

Learning from user behavior, learning from search & match request, results in updates of the xMP platform : better understanding of what users are looking for, better results for future searches & matches.

  • transparant insight job matching

How transparent job and candidate matching works

March 5th, 2020|blog, Whats-New|

Unlike other technologies, xMP gives insights in the processes that have lead to proposed matches between candidates and jobs. Elementary in this transparency approach is the idea of showing why a certain vacancy and a certain job candidate form a perfect match.

  • visualisation ontology actonomy

How HR-ontologies map the working world

February 11th, 2020|blog|

One of the most buzzed words in machine learning today is ‘ontology’. Yet, it is a quintessential element in making automatic language understanding a success. Even more so when it is used in searching and matching technology for HR-purposes.

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