Actonomy Semantic Mind xMP Match&Hire Search&Match

Actonomy xMP – Analyse, Search, Match

The ultimate solution for semantic searching and matching. Actonomy xMP helps you search and match candidates at an unparalleled quality level. This software is based on human and artificial intelligence and delivers quick and meaningful ranked matching results.

Actonomy xMP is the best solution on the market when it comes to searching natural language text (such as CV’s and job postings), context-sensitive and implicit search in both structured and unstructured data, resulting in ultra-rich input, going far beyond traditional keyword searching and matching.

The user can define his query criteria, through a very user-friendly interface. 

In short: Actonomy xMP is the best searching and matching engine currently on the market.

  • Better matches
    Because of a better understanding of resumes, cvs and search queries

  • 30% More matches
    Let’s search further than keywords by understanding needs and requirements

  • Gain insights
    Understand why some results are ranked higher than others

  • Save time
    Find the candidates you’re looking for faster than ever before

  • Current and Future Skills
    Learn and detect new skills as these become a new job requirement

  • Learn new hard and soft skills
    Continuous learning new skills and competences

How it works

Step 1: Data input

Start with uploading resumes or simply enter search queries

All knowledge starts with text input from the user. Any kind of input is possible, both resumes and job profiles and search requests.

data input
text understanding and extraction

Step 2: Text extraction & understanding

What does your input actually mean

Now, the uploaded texts are analyzed. The meaning of the words and concepts is analyzed by applying deep semantic knowledge and artificial intelligence.

Step 3: The ontology or knowledge database

Updating from and to the ontology

All meanings, concepts, content are now added from the ontology and input is used to continuously expand the knowledge database.

ontology actonomy
data enrichment and classification

Step 4: Enrichment & classification

How can we broaden the query and make it easy to retrieve

Meaning is added, words and concepts are classified in categories of concepts. By broadening the query, the system makes it easier to retrieve.

Step 5: Custom configuration of enriched data

Adjust the filters and settings to your needs

Actonomy’s matching is not based on a fixed model but can easily include the client specific requirements of how to recruit.

custom ai configuration
semantic matching engine

Step 6: AI reasoning & matching

Connecting the dots

Once the deep understanding of meaning is set in place, the system will match CV’s and job profiles based on algorithms and customer specific settings.

Step 7: Ranked, meaningful output

To be used in your everyday work

The output of the xMP-engine is a list of best matches. Every match gets a ranking and an explanation of why and how the match was calculated, allowing you to backtrace the reasoning behind the match.

results: match & search results

Actonomy xMP finds more and better matches

Proud users of Actonomy xMP

logo roularta media group

We were looking for clever technology to guide search and filtering in the right direction. The technology of xMP does exactly that.

Broes Sanders
wcc logo new 273x114

 Thanks to Actonomy’s xMP-platform, we can add semantic knowledge to further increase the relevance of the search and match results.

Jan Muchez
tigris logo small

Actonomy’s xMP turned out to be easily implemented in our own Salesforce look & feel. This flawless integration makes it a perfect solution for Tigris.

Maikel Neelen
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Actonomy is a bunch of highly professional experts, always open for dialogue. They never speak about ‘problems’: rather they see ‘interesting challenges’.

Dina Mestikawy