Automated Sourcing thanks to Actonomy’s AutoMatch

As a recruiter, you constantly deal with loads of candidate profiles and vacancies. Many profiles remain unused, while you lose lots of time searching. Thanks to Actonomy’s AutoMatch, talent matching is done fully automatically. Profiles are constantly being matched with current vacancies. You get warnings when good matches are found. Read on to find out how this automatic talent acquisition works.

Finding talent: not so easy…

As a recruiter, you are happy to have a large database of candidates. It is your vocation to find the best possible jobs for them. But do you realize how much of this database actually is used? Studies have shown a staggering 90 % of all candidates in databases is not adequately used for placement. And think of all candidates that applied for a job but did not get it: how can you bring them alternative vacancies?

In short, finding candidates and effectively link them to the best possible job is far from easy. It takes hours and hours of your time to get good matches.

Wouldn’t it be great of there was a software tool that automatically screens all your candidates and suggests the best possible matches? Not only would you make many candidates very happy, but also would you save a lot of time and – hence – make better business and – hence – more money.

  • More & Better matches
    Because of a constant and real-time matching of the database

  • Save time
    Thanks to the intelligent and automated matching engine

  • Seamless integration
    The user friendly API makes integration with any ATS possible

  • Integrated feedback loop
    Learn from match results and adjust the algorithms

actonomy's automatch explained visuallyactonom's automatch visualized sec

Automatic candidate matching with AutoMatch and save money

There is good news. Actonomy, the world’s reference in automatic searching and matching technology, is now launching an easy-to-use plug-in tool that automatically matches candidates and vacancies: Actonomy’s AutoMatch.

With AutoMatch you can achieve three goals at once:

  • Save time. AutoMatch automatically searches through your database to find the best matches between candidates and vacancies. It creates crystal-clear lists of matches between candidates and vacancies or between vacancies and candidates. You save a lot of time: time you can use to generate more added value to your clients.
  • Get more and better matches while you sleep. AutoMatch is constantly active in the background and acts like a ‘watchdog’ looking for candidates that you might have missed. It continuously matches existing profiles with your open positions. It even recovers unused profiles and actively searches for jobs for these profiles. The result: more and better matches.
  • Build your own candidate database.  As Automatch is searching in external sources, it moves candidate records into your own database.  Interesting new profiles are being analysed/parsed, deduplicated and imported into your ATS or CRM.

How does it work?

This all sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true.

Actonomy’s AutoMatch is fueled by the latest insights in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The tool runs as a background process in your current recruitment software/ATS (applicant tracking system). It continuously screens and matches incoming candidates, candidates already present in your database or from external databases.

The outcome is just amazing: you get pre-screened lists of candidates ranked for specific vacancies. The list also provides indications of the gaps still existing between the profile and the job requirements. This list gives you, the recruiter, a powerful tool to contact the candidates and further discuss and close the deal.

actonomy automatch with ai and ML

Flexibility and ease of use

Actonomy’s AutoMatch is easy to be implemented and to be used:

  • Seamless integration in your current recruitment software/ATS, thanks to the user-friendly API (application programming interface).
  • Highly flexible and easy to configure. A set of business rules is used to predefine when a consultant needs new matches (constant flow, every hour, every day, …), warning when top candidates are found, … In short: AutoMatch can be fully tailored to your specific recruiting needs.
  • Integrated feedback module on the matching results, helping you to learn from them.
  • Easy integration with external databases (such as VDAB, …)

An example, from Belgium

VDAB – the Flemish Employment Agency – is owing by far the biggest candidate database in Belgium. It provides a CV-service to agencies and corporate clients, offering an almost real-time candidate feed. This is what Actonomy’s AutoMatch made possible to agencies and corporate clients using this VDAB-service:

  • Instant warnings about new registered candidates matching your vacancies.
  • Lists of ranked matches, based on your own settings.
  • Import of all validated and deduplicated candidate profiles in your recruitment software/ATS.

Is Actonomy’s AutoMatch the best match for you?