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Agilitas Group

Patrick De Wachter, CTO

Temporary employment specialist Agilitas – member of the Agilitas Group – has chosen Actonomy to boost its Carerix searching and matching engine. Fast, flexible, an open cooperation, high data quality: these are just a few reasons why Actonomy was the preferred partner for one of the major players in the Belgian recruitment field.

For more than 30 years, Mechelen based Agilitas is active as a service provider in the HR-industry. It offers a wide range of services, such as temporary recruitment for blue and white collar vacancies, creative profiles, blue and white collar vacancies, as well as outplacement and assessment.

The large network of Agilitas consultants is using Carerix as a daily searching and matching tool. Patrick De Wachter, CTO at Agilitas Group: ‘Initially, we were using the standard searching and matching plug-in that Carerix is offering. But we were not really satisfied, as we wanted more flexibility when defining filters in our searches, both on candidate and on vacancy level. As we are a large organization, with over 300 consultants, we decided to perform a detailed market analysis. Which technology provider could best fulfill our request for flexible and transparent smart searching and matching?’

In the course of 2019, several companies got shortlisted. Finally, two were entitled to perform a pilot study. Ultimately, Actonomy got the deal, based on the ability to tune the search results with a combination of weighted criteria and customizable filters.

As per today, the Actonomy plug-in is being used by all Agilitas consultants. Time to look back on the decision to work with Actonomy. De Wachter is happy with his choice: ‘First, because they are a reknown brand in the market. Second, because their technology can seamlessly be integrated with VDAB. But also because Actonomy’s no-nonsense approach.’

They combine a deep technological knowledge with a pleasant and collaborative attitude. It is just nice to work together.

Agilitas and Actonomy have regular status calls were new requests are considered and given priorities. De Wachter: ‘working closely together is very important for us. It allows us to provide to our consultants an easy to use blackbox tool that helps them search and find the best possible matches between jobs and candidates.’ In short, the cooperation is a win for everybody.

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  • More flexibility when defining filters in our searches, both on candidate and on vacancy level

  • Helps search and find the best possible matches between jobs and candidates

Solution used by Agilitas

actonomy carerix integration plugin

The Actonomy Carerix plug-in

The Actonomy plug-in adds cross-lingual semantic matching to the Carerix solution.  It allows to match job profiles directly with candidates (and vice versa) and to create ‘matches’ that can further be processed within the Carerix application. Results can be fine-tuned using client-specific facets and filters. In addition to the semantic search functionality within the Carerix database, the Actonomy plug-in provides semantic search in external CV databases such as social media, Indeed, VDAB and others.

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