Actonomy for Carerix

What if working with Carerix would become even smarter, faster and better? What if Artificial Intelligence would provide better matches between candidates and jobs?

Look no further, Actonomy has the solution: Actonomy’s Carerix plug-in. It is a smoothly integrated plug-in allowing you to easily and transparently get better matches using Artificial Intelligence.

Standard integration of Index/Advertsdata, the leading job scraper in many European countries: finding companies with vacancies has never been easier!

  • Plug & play & find:
    no integration needed, activation within your ATS/CRM

  • Advanced semantic searching & matching,
    offering ranked results, all in just one click

  • Matching scores, matching details, gap analysis

  • ‘Actonomy Insight’:
    interactively set your own matching models

  • Switch between experience and skills based matching

  • Use external candidate pools or jobsites

Ready to be amazed?

How Agilitas uses the Carerix plugin to boost its searching and matching engine

Temporary employment specialist Agilitas is active as a service provider in the HR-industry for more than 30 years. They have chosen for a fast, flexible, open cooperation and high data quality for all of their consultants.

The benefits of Actonomy’s plug-in for Carerix

  • Assisted matching of candidates and jobs, in both directions

  • Ranked results, based on most suitable profiles

  • Detailed matching scores, analysis of gaps between candidates and jobs

  • Use your own keywords for additional filtering

  • Fully customizable facets and filtering

  • ‘Actonomy Insight’: unique interactive environment to analyse results and define your own searching parameters

  • Data deduplication

  • Matching based on experience or on soft skills

  • Using external CV-databases (such as VDAB) for integrated searching and matching

Intrigued? Interested? Want to try?