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Index Advertsdata

Dina Mestikawy, sales and product manager Scandinavia, France & Benelux

Index Advertsdata is a leads and business intelligence tool, used for successful acquisitions in the world of temporary recruitment, media houses and job boards. With its head office in Berlin, its 160 employees are active in ten European countries. ‘The job market is our core business’, Dina Mestikawy, sales and product manager, says.’ Index Advertsdata offers an acquisition tool for HR professionals that want to place candidates and identify companies looking for personnel.’

The company’s CEO Jürgen Grenz, met Actonomy’s CEO Filip De Geijter at the Zukunft Personal exhibit in Köln 2011. They both realized the huge potential of their complementary offerings. Mestikawy: ‘Our specialized database and Actonomy’s smart search and match engine had the potential of a perfect marriage. Together, we can offer a more complete solution to our customers.’ So both companies started an intensive cooperation.


‘Companies who are using Actonomy’s semantic search engine, can now use the Advertsdata plugin if they sign an agreement with us. By doing so, they can use our extensive database for placing candidates. But our cooperation also goes the other way around. We at Advertsdata also use Actonomy’s semantic search engine. This is a quite new evolution in our cooperation, mainly focusing on the Belgian and French market.’ 

Index Advertsdata is very happy with the Actonomy partnership. The future looks promising. Mestikawy: ‘As Actonomy is offering its plugin services to Bullhorn, we want our database to form part of this as well. This will offer great opportunities for both our companies on the German market.’

Both index Advertsdata and Actonomy are visionary companies, looking ahead from the competitors. Mestikawy: ‘This future oriented view makes us similar minds. We both realized our strenghts and our potential to specialize. Actonomy is a bunch of highly professional experts, always open for dialogue. They never speak about ‘problems’: rather they see ‘interesting challenges’. We are both data specialists with the same attitude.’ Or to put it simple: great minds think alike.

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  • A perfect marriage between Index’s specialized database and Actonomy’s smart search and match engine

  • Users of Actonomy’s semantic search engine can use the Advertsdata plugin

Solutions used by Index Advertsdata

Actonomy Semantic Mind xMP Match&Hire Search&Match

Actonomy xMP – Ultimate searching and matching

Actonomy xMP is based on human and artificial intelligence to mimic the quality of human recruiters, but do so on a much faster and accurate level than humans do. The technology is based on a deep understanding of how humans interpret meanings to a very deep level. 

Automated semantic searching and matches does much more than matching words to one another: it matches the meaning of these words, as well as of the underlying concepts and contexts.

Data Services by Actonomy – The best clever data

Data Services by Actonomy offers the best-of-breed ontology on the HR-market, but without the searching and matching component offered by Actonomy xMP. 

This is the perfect solution for those who want to enrich their searching and matching software with the best HR-ontology on the market.

These ontologies are available for several languages, such as English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish a.o, and contain detailed job descriptions, function titles, soft skills, education, certifications, and much more HR-related information in a highly structured semantic knowledge network.

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