Project Description


OTYS Recruiting Technology

Jorrit Blok, Founder & CEO

Dutch company OTYS Recruiting Technology automatizes workflow and processes, aiming at global players active in recruitment and selection. It comprises modules dealing with searching, recruiting, placing, onboarding, … The recruitment software company currently counts 70 colleagues and is active in 29 countries, counting for more than 10.000 users worldwide.

Back in 2001, founder and CEO Jorrit Blok was at the lookout for a technology partner to add state-of-the-art matching technology. Blok: ‘We already used some matching technology, but we wanted to go a step further. Initially, we tried to do it all ourselves, but quickly that turned out to be far too much work.’ So, OTYS started talking to different vendors active in matching technology, to finally chose for Actonomy as its matching technology partner.

Why makes matching technology so relevant for OTYS?


‘As our databases we are using keep growing, we need a strong software tool to quickly find the best candidates. Speed and quality are quintessential in the war for talent. We believe Actonomy does precisely that.’

The cooperation started in 2006. Blok: ‘At that time, Actonomy was still relatively small, and the contacts with its CEO Filip De Geijter went on very well. I like the company’s drive for innovation and their constant strive for improvement, with a keen eye on the future of HR technology. Besides, Actonomy is an independent company, which is an element I do strongly appreciate. In my eyes, smaller companies tend to be more innovative than larger ones. Also, we are both partners with Prato: we are family members!’

One of the obvious Actonomy is offering, is its ontology fully based on the labor market. Blok: ‘Call it its own dictionary. No other company has a similar, detailed and well elaborated labor market dictionary. This is truly unique, and it offers a clear competitive advantage to our own technology. Actonomy now is part of our own engine. You could say, Actonomy is doing our engine management: for sure, this is work for a specialist such as Actonomy.’

  • Uses Actonomy’s speed and quality

  • Future-proof and with a constant strive for improvement software tool

  • Competitive advantage thanks to the unique labor market ontology

  • Specialized engine management by Actonomy

Solutions used by OTYS

Actonomy Semantic Mind xMP Match&Hire Search&Match

Actonomy xMP – Ultimate searching and matching

Actonomy xMP is based on human and artificial intelligence to mimic the quality of human recruiters, but do so on a much faster and accurate level than humans do. The technology is based on a deep understanding of how humans interpret meanings to a very deep level. 

Automated semantic searching and matches does much more than matching words to one another: it matches the meaning of these words, as well as of the underlying concepts and contexts.

Data Services by Actonomy – The best clever data

Data Services by Actonomy offers the best-of-breed ontology on the HR-market, but without the searching and matching component offered by Actonomy xMP. 

This is the perfect solution for those who want to enrich their searching and matching software with the best HR-ontology on the market.

These ontologies are available for several languages, such as English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish a.o, and contain detailed job descriptions, function titles, soft skills, education, certifications, and much more HR-related information in a highly structured semantic knowledge network.

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