Project Description



Maikel Neelen, co-founder & CTO

Tigris is a Dutch platform for job marketing, recruitment, operations and payrolling, based on the Salesforce platform. The platform is targeting the world of flexible blue collar staffing agencies. Tigris positions itself as a flexible platform inbetween the recruiter, the job seeker and the staffing agency. Tigris is simple (built on Salesforce), open, future-proof and measurable.

As a platform, Tigris offers different modules that all work together. Apart from job digging, multi posting and text parsing, Actonomy’s xMP is an essential element in the platform.

Maikel Neelen, co-founder and CTO, about the partnership with Actonomy:

‘We were at the lookout for a matching solution, based on HR-ontologies. As we want to work with the best of breed only, we got in touch with Actonomy. Its xMP Match&Search does exactly what we need, including the flexibility to adapt to blue collars.’ An extra advantage of the Actonomy offer was its adaptability. Neelen: ‘it turned out to be easily implemented in our own Salesforce look & feel. This flawless integration makes it a perfect solution for Tigris.’ 

Clients’ reactions turn out to be very positive. The ontological matching module Actonomy is offering, works very smart. Sometimes, human recruiters need to look deeper into profiles to really understand why xMP is proposing a particular match. Neelen: ‘it’s nice to know that Actonomy offers the possibility to see the specific decision tree.’

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  • Tigris works with the best of breed only

  • Easily implemented in the Salesforce look & feel

  • Look deeper into the specific decision tree

Solutions used by Tigris

Actonomy Semantic Mind xMP Match&Hire Search&Match

Actonomy xMP – Ultimate searching and matching

Actonomy xMP is based on human and artificial intelligence to mimic the quality of human recruiters, but do so on a much faster and accurate level than humans do. The technology is based on a deep understanding of how humans interpret meanings to a very deep level. 

Automated semantic searching and matches does much more than matching words to one another: it matches the meaning of these words, as well as of the underlying concepts and contexts.

Data Services by Actonomy – The best clever data

Data Services by Actonomy offers the best-of-breed ontology on the HR-market, but without the searching and matching component offered by Actonomy xMP. 

This is the perfect solution for those who want to enrich their searching and matching software with the best HR-ontology on the market.

These ontologies are available for several languages, such as English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish a.o, and contain detailed job descriptions, function titles, soft skills, education, certifications, and much more HR-related information in a highly structured semantic knowledge network.

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