Semantic searching & matching

When searching for suitable candidates and matching candidates to suitable jobs, human recruiters typically use their understanding of the meaning of words. They can interpret the content of job postings and résumés and – thanks to their semantic knowledge – find the perfect match

Now, intelligent software can do the same.

Actonomy Semantic Mind xMP Match&Hire Search&Match

xMP Semantic Mind – Ultimate searching and matching

xMP Semantic Mind is based on human and artificial intelligence to mimic the quality of human recruiters, but do so on a much faster and accurate level than humans do. The technology is based on a deep understanding of how humans interpret meanings to a very deep level. 

Automated semantic searching and matches does much more than matching words to one another: it matches the meaning of these words, as well as of the underlying concepts and contexts.

xMP Data Services – The best clever data

xMP Data Services offers the best-of-breed ontology on the HR-market, but without the searching and matching component offered by xMP Semantic Mind. 

This is the perfect solution for those who want to enrich their searching and matching software with the best HR-ontology on the market.

These ontologies are available for several languages, such as English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish a.o, and contain detailed job descriptions, function titles, soft skills, education, certifications, and much more HR-related information in a highly structured semantic knowledge network.

actonomy automatch with ai and ML

NEW! Actonomy’s Automatch – Automatic Talent Acquisition

Actonomy’s AutoMatch is fueled by the latest insights in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The tool runs as a background process in your current recruitment software/ATS (applicant tracking system). It continuously screens and matches incoming candidates, candidates already present in your database or from external databases.

The outcome is just amazing: you get pre-screened lists of candidates ranked for specific vacancies.

Understanding the power of artificial intelligence in HR

What is an ontology?

When looking up a word in a dictionary, we typically find detailed explanations of the meaning of a particular word. Often, we will also find synonyms or particular interpretations that are context sensitive. All this information will help humans to really understand the deepest meaning of a word or a concept. xMP Semantic Mind, Actonomy’s core technology for clever searching and matching, is based on a similar huge database, called an ontology.

How does the ontology help with searching?

Actonomy’s ontology is an unparalleled, large database of words and concepts all in the wide field of HR. It makes links between meanings and is constantly incrementing. The latter is done by getting new CV’s and job postings and using deep learning techniques to enrich its own content and knowledge. This continuous text extraction and classification of words, contexts and meanings guarantees a continuous quality improvement of the database. And, hence, in always better searches and matches.

Our hiring technologies go even further: Career path, Skills and Competences

Automated semantic searching and matches does much more than matching words to one another: it matches the meaning of these words, as well as of the underlying concepts and contexts.

Learning from existing career paths, and taking into account the hard and soft skills of candidates, career path recommendations can me made. This is possible thanks to automatically generated pattern recognition models.

The combined power of artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and a powerful ontology, the best career predictions can be made.

Actonomy helps you matching

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