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Plug & play & find: Actonomy’s upgrade to your ATS or CRM

You use your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or CRM on a daily basis? Fine. But what about a simple upgrade to make it smarter in searching and matching candidates and vacancies? Actonomy’s ATS/CRM plug-ins are precisely there to make your working life easier:

  • Using Artificial Intelligence for smart matching: faster, better searches, better matches
  • Supersimple plug-in in your existing ATS or CRM
  • Enabling matching based on hard and soft skills
  • Faster than ever, easier than ever: plug in, play, find the best candidates
  • Plug & play & find:
    no integration needed, activation within your ATS/CRM

  • Advanced semantic searching & matching,
    offering ranked results, all in just one click

  • Matching scores, matching details, gap analysis

  • ‘Actonomy Insight’:
    interactively set your own matching models

  • Switch between experience and skills based matching

  • Use external candidate pools or jobsites

actonomy's automatch up close

Actonomy Automatch Integration

Actonomy’s AutoMatch is fueled by the latest insights in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The tool runs as a background process in your current recruitment software. It continuously screens and matches incoming candidates, candidates already present in your database.

actonomy bullhorn integration plugin screenshot

Actonomy Bullhorn Plug-in

The Actonomy’s Bullhorn plug-in is a smoothly integrated plug-in allowing you to easily and transparently get better matches using Artificial Intelligence. Ut comes as a single platform available in three different flavors.

Actonomy Carerix Plug-in

The Actonomy’s Carerix plug-in is a smoothly integrated plug-in allowing you to easily and transparently get better matches using Artificial Intelligence, with standard integration of Index/Advertsdata, the leading job scraper in many European countries.

Fitted to plug in your existing systems

Actonomy’s ATS/CRM plug-in is an addition to its existing API-integration software as used by many of Actonomy’s partners. Ideally fitted to be plugged in in existing ATS or CRM-systems. Here are a few convincing reasons why you should tap in:

  • Same smart technology as in API-integrated software
  • ‘Off the shelf’ product: you get an activation code and can start using it right away
  • Friendly and self-explaining user interface
  • Pre-defined functionality and standard interface with ATS/CRM
  • Designed for smooth integration with third party providers, such as Carerix or Bullhorn

Truly unique is the ‘Actonomy Insight’ functionality: an interactive way to match candidates and vacancies using your own ‘on-the-spot’ parameters. It even allows you to switch between matching based on experience or on skills. 

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