As a specialized recruiting company active in the field of IT and digital profiles, Amon was at the lookout for a tool that could considerably improve its matches between candidates and job offers. Actonomy’s searching and matching tool was and is the answer, to the satisfaction of all.


As a Belgian headhunting firm, Amon is specialized in recruiting ICT and digital talent for both large, medium-sized and small companies. Working for strong brands during more than 15 years, the company has gradually developed a strong network of IT & digital experts, managers and directors. Klaas Bernaert, managing consultant, explains: ‘Our network is expanding fast. So it gradually became more complex to match our tens of thousands of profiles to the vacancies we have to fill. It turned out we could no longer fully exploit our network of candidates.’ For that reasing, using Otys as a ATS, Amon started looking for a tool that would make this matching easier and more efficient. That is where Actonomy came in the picture.’ Actonomy could offer a tool that uses advanced technology such as AI and machine learning, considerably improving both the speed and the accuracy of the automatic matching.

The implementation phase took the time needed to finetune. ‘It turned out the semantics we use were not entirely the same as the ones Actonomy provided. So, we had to add our own, in-house terminologies within IT and digital to the Actonomy tool. Once this was done, the matching results were clearly of a higher quality.’ A second issue that had to be solved, was the set of very specific requirements Amon had when it comes to visualisation. Actonomy partnered with Amon to create exactly the visualisations Amon desired. An example of a parameter that should be visualised is the last date a candidate adjusted his/her profile, as it gives a keen idea of the accuracy of the particular profile.

Amon is known to be a critical partner to its software vendors. Equally so when it comes to Actonomy. Beirnaert: ‘that is why we suggested Actonomy to develop a tool to automatically improve existing profiles by making smart use of social media platforms.’

As per today, one year after the initial contact between the two companies, Actonomy’s tool is fully integrated in Amons ATS Otys. Bernaert: ‘all of our 20 consultants use the tool on a daily basis.’ Amon is very pleased to have partnered with Actonomy. For one thing, Actonomy’s tool is fully compatible with Otys’ ATS. Also, Actonomy turns out to be a partner thinking alongside its clients, helping to solve their specific requests and issues. Bernaert: ‘we appreciate the effort Actonomy has taken to discuss with us and do its best to fully understand each and every client.’ Moreover, according to Amon, Actonomy shows a clear vision both on the technology and the data needed.