Semantics is more than synonyms and certainly more than a Boolean search on the different parts of a ‘concept’!

  Many solutions are called semantic search engines when synonyms are used while searching.  It is clear that systems should search for 'software developer' and 'programmer' and many more .... but that is only one aspect of semantic search!  Software providers tend to confuse the market with terminology that doesn't really match with what the

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REC+ in Barcelona, some impressions…

REC+ in Barcelona this year has come to an end (almost)…. Although it was the first time that I attended the conference, I found it great, very well organized, informative and lots of networking opportunities. What did I learn?  Jobboards are death, that is what people are saying now for years, but if you attend

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5 reasons for stopping at booth D7 during the RAE London on February 5 – 6, 2019

Visiting the Recruitment Agency Expo in London?  These are the reasons why you should stop at the Actonomy booth D7 : If you are concerned about automation of your recruitment process and getting faster a selection of good candidates. Actonomy’s AI powered technology allows to get you candidates by simply using your job description and

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Combining Actonomy’s ontology with ESCO.

Actonomy’s ontology now compliant with ISCO/ESCO! Actonomy’s ontology is the core component behind the xMP Semantic Mind and the xMP Data Services.  It covers well over 500.000 HR related concepts all classified as job titles, skills and many other categories.  It does not only allow to retrieve e.g. job titles but also to provide relations

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In brief : why is Actonomy semantic search superior compared to ‘standard search engines’

Sometimes, an easy and simple overview will tell you more than extended white papers.....  We all know the theory behind semantic technology - we all know that semantics really understand what you are looking for and in what context.... But what does this really mean? Although many semantic search engines claim to understand what

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