Some do not agree that a candidate pool or a CV database is an asset because all candidates can be found on the internet, on LinkedIN or on social media in general – at least that is what these people believe.  Other people believe this is not correct and still believe in the value of a good candidate pool, a good CV database.


Just think of the investment it takes to build up a candidate pool – often the result of applicants resulting from job posting.  Applicants that were not suitable for the job but that were kept for ‘future use’ in a pool.  Wouldn’t it be good to exploit the value of such a pool by using these candidates for new open positions or new jobs?  In other words why investing in new job advertisements, new candidate sourcing programs if you might have already suitable candidates in your own database or pool?  Why not exploring your own pool first prior to spending money on marketing and advertising to get new intake of candidates?


At Actonomy we believe in the value of candidate pools, the value of CV databases.  Typically build over time by adding new applicants, new candidates that were added as the result of job marketing campaigns.  We found out that many of our customers do have already the ‘right candidate’ in their pool but did not find it….New job campaigns often get new applicants that were already in the pool….  In the pool but not found with traditional search systems …. And as a result a double cost.


Automated matching can solve this problem!  Just think of a process that systematically matches your candidates with your open positions, a service that constantly calculates matches and that provides overviews of candidates from your own pool that do match with the different positions/jobs you are recruiting for.


Suppose the following : a nightly matching process calculates matches for all your positions/jobs/assignments and prompts a list of candidates from your system that are found to be suitable.  The recruiter just has to validate the result and to add candidates to a shortlist – a final decision by a human being will still be a normal step.


Actonomy’s AI and machine learning algorithms are trained to do such tasks and to find for you the best candidates within your system.  A higher ROI of your candidate pool and a lower cost  of new job advertisements!