A new powerful matching plug-in for Carerix was released.  Apart from the latest AI matching power, the plug-in offers some interesting new features :

  • Actonomy Insight : an interactive way to create your own matching models using a simple ‘click’ to set your weights, your preferences and what is important.  Simulate the way you want to match, refine and get results.
  • Compare function allowing to select multiple candidates from the match results and get an instant overview of how these compare!
  • Matching with candidates from external CV databases such as VDAB.  Get instant updates of new candidates!
  • Integrated matching of candidates with  external job scrapers/aggregators such as Index/Advertsdata.  Sales leads are available with a single click!

The new plug-in is completely based on Actonomy’s 3-step model : click – match – refine model.  Contact one of our consultants to get a demo or to get it activated within your environment.