New website

Actonomy is proud to launch its brand new website. More than before, the new site focuses on the demands of the customers, and the services Actonomy is offering to answer these demands. Have a scroll and find out for yourself how easy the navigation is, and how clear the explanations about our technology. Also: read

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New web based xMP Ontology Creator released – AI and machine learning powered!

One of the core components of Actonomy's technology is the xMP Ontology - a huge knowledge base containing more than 1 million concepts modelled within the specific context of HR!  Managing and extending a huge knowledge base is not easy.  Therefore, Actonomy has been doing extensive research (in close cooperation with universities) in how AI

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Actonomy’s semantic search in index Advertsdata: Acquiring new customers and placing candidates made easier!

index Advertsdata is the European leader in job data with more than 38 million job adverts processed yearly. Thanks to the integration of Actonomy’s semantic technology, it is now easier to search the Advertsdata database. From now on, each search query will be enriched with possible synonyms and related terms from Actonomy’s Ontology. This means

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Looking back into 2018, looking forward to 2019!

Looking back into 2018! Thanks to our clients and partners, 2018 was a great year for Actonomy : We invoiced more than 30% compared to the previous years, one of the highest growth figures of the last five years! We signed up several new partnerships that have resulted in new and exciting things to come

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xMP new languages support for Italian and Portugese

The latest version of the Actonomy xMP technology supports Italian and Portugese as additional languages. Not only the semantic search & matching is available for these languages but also the xMP Data Services providing access to the core ontology. With the latest addition of these languages, Actonomy covers all European languages (including non-European flavors

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Release of xMP 5.5.1 – 5 generations of semantic technology for the HR community!

Actonomy's flagship product xMP Semantic Mind - the fully integrated platform for text extraction, classification, semantic search and match - is now available as the latest release V5.5.1 offering several extensions :  Major content updates and extensions of the core ontology/knowledge base with several new job titles and skills across the different languages. Advanced

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Research results of ASIMOV available!

Asimov was a large scale research project that was done by Actonomy, Crosslang, De Persgroep in collaboration with iMEC (IDlab) and KUL on how machine learning could be used to generate automatically ontologies in a multilingual environment. In addition it also studied the usage of user behavior to enhance the matching results. This has now

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HR Analytics Services from Actonomy launched!

Understanding the key characteristics of your candidates, employee and vacancy data is important for many staffing agencies and corporate HR departments.  However, often recruiters have no real insight in what profiles they have in their candidate pool or amongst their employees : what is the skills distribution?  What is the typical education level?  What is

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Actonomy to launch adaptive semantic search & match – learn from the user input and get more suitable results

Actonomy now brings semantic search to a next level by learning what the user is looking for.  Users often use search keywords that are not recognized by semantic systems leading to no results.  By learning from the user search behavior, Actonomy now solves this problem : all new or unknown search terms are automatically added

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