Index Advertsdata is the European leader in job data with more than 38 million job adverts processed yearly. Thanks to the integration of Actonomy’s semantic technology, it is now easier to search the Advertsdata database.

From now on, each search query will be enriched with possible synonyms and related terms from Actonomy’s Ontology. This means that users will receive more and better search results for one keyword, resulting in a more efficient way of searching.

Example: Looking for “Sales Manager” will now – without any effort – search as well for following related terms: “Business Sales Manager”, ”Head Sales”, ”Manager Sales”, ”Head Seller”, ”Teamlead Sales”, ”Head of Sales”, ”Sales Officer” etc. The list goes up to 80+ synonyms and related terms for ”Sales Manager” in English. Furthermore, this technology is cross lingual, with 11 other languages available – less work, better results!

In addition to the integration of Actonomy’s technology into the index Advertsdata platform, Actonomy’s xMP product line also contains a direct link to the job database that allows recruiters to search for jobs on the market and directly match them to their candidates: