One of the core components of Actonomy’s technology is the xMP Ontology – a huge knowledge base containing more than 1 million concepts modelled within the specific context of HR!  Managing and extending a huge knowledge base is not easy.  Therefore, Actonomy has been doing extensive research (in close cooperation with universities) in how AI and deep learning can help building and maintaining these in a fast and easy way.

A component to maintain and get an insight in such data, is the xMP Ontology Creator, a webbased tool to view all the data, to edit the data and to explore key values such as :

  • view career paths based on functions : view what are typical functions one could get given a certain position (one’s next step).
  • view what are the typical skills that are linked to a job title.
  • view what type of functions are linked given a skill set.

The xMP Ontology Creator is used by Actonomy to manage the standard ontology but also to extend the ontology based on your specific data set.

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