Visiting the Recruitment Agency Expo in London?  These are the reasons why you should stop at the Actonomy booth D7 :

  • If you are concerned about automation of your recruitment process and getting faster a selection of good candidates. Actonomy’s AI powered technology allows to get you candidates by simply using your job description and get the best candidates right away.
  • If you are concerned about enhancing your job descriptions. Actonomy’s knowledge base (ontology) will compare your job description with millions of others and show where the differences are in terms of skills required etc.
  • If you are concerned about increasing the SEO of your vacancies. Actonomy’s ‘keyword generator’ will add numerous concepts that are relevant for you job description and will allow to use these as meta data for search engines.
  • If you are concerned about ‘the why’ candidates match and what are their GAPS’s for a specific job specification. Getting candidates fast is one thing but knowing why the system has selected the candidates is equally important.
  • If you are concerned and curious about AI, deep learning etc….. Lot’s of buzz words that do not always add value.  Learn what Actonomy is really doing with these technologies and why these can be used in a meaningful way for HR applications.