Recruiters are from Mars, candidates are from Venus

In a labor market still trying to cope with shortage, technology can be helpful in trying to get vacancies filled. Yet, we are facing a problem. Recent research has shown that recruiters are far behind when it comes to technology adaptation, whereas candidates are in pole-position when embracing all kinds of tech. It seems both

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Recruitment Tech Event Amsterdam: Looking behind technology

Actonomy was at the yearly Recruitment Tech Event 2019 in Amsterdam. Some 450 attendees enjoyed keynote speeches and got in touch with top notch providers of recruitment tools. Hot topic of the day: artificial intelligence and robots. But shouldn’t we look a bit further? Here are the main findings of the day… Amsterdôme, the circular

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Recruitment Tech Event – November 21st, 2019 – Amsterdam

Come and see us at our demo stand during the Recruitment Tech Event in A'dam!  Or attend one of our workshops about : How AI can help you an attracting better talent and how skills based matching can support this! How 'Corporate Culture' and Semantic Matching will result in better matches!  An interactive workshop we

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Why recruitment needs AI-powered searching and matching

As the labor market is getting more complex, so is recruiting. While searching and matching candidates and jobs used to be easy human work, today it has become the playing field of artificial intelligence, semantic ontologies and more high end technology helping human recruiters. Yet, there is more to do than just be fast and

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Welcome to our new website!

Actonomy is proud to launch its brand new website. More than before, the new site focuses on the demands of the customers, and the services Actonomy is offering to answer these demands. Have a scroll and find out for yourself how easy the navigation is, and how clear the explanations about our technology. Also: read

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