Webinar : The impact of GPT on sourcing & screening of candidates – November 16th, 2023 & November 23rd, 2023!

GPT is now an integral part of the world of HR and offers numerous possibilities. During the upcoming webinar, Filip will have a discussion with Actonomy's Chief AI Officer to talk about how GPT complements Actonomy's technology, enabling improved skills-based candidate screening. The webinar will cover concrete cases and demonstrate how GPT can understand profiles

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Elevating the Art of Matching: Enhancing Data Quality in CV Databases

In today's fast-paced job market, having access to high-quality data is paramount. As recruiters and HR professionals, we rely heavily on CV databases to identify the perfect candidates for our organizations. But here's the catch – the effectiveness of our talent searches depends greatly on the quality of the data within these databases. At Actonomy,

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Unlocking the Future: How AI Transforms Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

  In the dynamic world of recruitment, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way organizations source, screen, and hire talent. One of the most profound impacts has been on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These digital gatekeepers have evolved from being passive databases to proactive, intelligent tools that streamline the hiring process. Let's

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Unlocking the Potential of Data in Your CV Database: Leveraging Ontologies, Data Quality, and Machine Learning to Find Better Candidates

In today's competitive job market, organizations are constantly on the lookout for innovative approaches to source the best candidates. The traditional method of sifting through countless resumes can be time-consuming and often leads to suboptimal hiring decisions. However, by harnessing the power of data within your CV database, you can unlock a wealth of potential

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Een nieuwe kijk op het CV, of meer focus op voorkeur, eigenheid en vaardigheden van een kandidaat!

Het Klassieke CV: Een Waardevol Document maar er is een nieuwe kijk nodig! Het Curriculum Vitae (CV) is al lange tijd een essentieel onderdeel van het sollicitatieproces. Hoewel er tegenwoordig discussies zijn over de relevantie ervan in een snel veranderende arbeidsmarkt, is het belangrijk om te benadrukken dat er niets inherent mis is met een

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Actonomy webinars on how dormant candidates can be activated automatically in your ATS/CRM!

Actonomy is pleased to invite you for one of the following webinars during May - June 2023 on recruitment automation, the impact of skills and how AI/ML can help you in making better use of candidates that are already in your ATS/CRM!  A uniques series of webinars giving you an insight and also giving you

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Webinar : Help, ik heb veel kandidaten in mijn ATS/CRM maar meer dan 50% is niet up-to-date! Hoe kan ik automatisch mijn profielen updaten?

In dit webinar geven we inzicht in hoe we eenvoudig inzicht krijgen in je data en hoe we automatisch kandidaten kunnen updaten met skills informatie en met de laatste werkervaringen. Registreer je hier!  

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Meet us during the Recruitmenttech Demo Day in Mechelen (April 20th, 2023) and Utrecht (June 6th, 2023)

Get the latest on how Actonomy will not only match smarter but also how you get more out of your ATS/CRM by increasing the candidate profiles.  Learn how Actonomy let you re-engage with more dormant candidates in your system. Interested?  Register here !

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Amon says : “Actonomy can offer a tool that uses advanced technology such as AI and machine learning, considerably improving both the speed and the accuracy of the automatic matching.”

As a specialized recruiting company active in the field of IT and digital profiles, Amon was at the lookout for a tool that could considerably improve its matches between candidates and job offers. Actonomy’s searching and matching tool was and is the answer, to the satisfaction of all.   As a Belgian headhunting firm, Amon

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Actonomy to exhibit at the Recruitment Agency Expo in London on March 21st – 22nd, 2023, booth C26!

Increase the ROI of your agency with 30% by increasing the quality of the candidate records you hold in your ATS/CRM!  Up to 70% of candidate profiles is often not up-to-date.  Actonomy will demonstrate a smart solution that scans internet for up-to-date information and update the profiles constantly. More placements, re-engagement with dormant candidates in

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