REC+ in Barcelona this year has come to an end (almost)…. Although it was the first time that I attended the conference, I found it great, very well organized, informative and lots of networking opportunities.

What did I learn?  Jobboards are death, that’s what people have been saying now for years, but if you attend the conference, you can only get a totally different impression :

  • New initiatives of Jobsites focusing on blue collars : easy to register, fast and easy to apply on jobs. Interesting initiatives in India, Turkey,….
  • Start to learn about candidates, jobseekers and applicants. Online recruitment is now existing for several decades and it seems that we still don’t know our ‘candidates/jobseekers’ and how to treat them in the best possible way.  Good presentations, good studies trying to understand what jobseekers really expect.
  • New jobsites are being setup, sometimes in difficult situations and countries you would not expect. Brave stories of setting up a jobboard in Iran and Angola.
  • Technology was being discussed but was not dominant….. yes chatbots seems the way to go.
  • And of course Google for jobs was a topic…..

In brief, I am convinced that jobboards are not death, innovation and entrepreneurship seems to create and find new opportunities!