As Actonomy, we help you to establish an insight in the skills potential of your candidate database!

Automatically, Actonomy analyses all the profiles that are stored in your ATS/CRM and converts into a skills insight on candidates.  Thanks to the advanced us of AI/ML, Actonomy succeeds in analyzing all your candidate profiles and create a detailed skills profile.

Many reasons this can improve your business performance :

  • Know in advance skills that are scarcely populated in your pool. Getting an assignment when no suitable candidates in your ATS/CRM might be difficult.  Now in advance how many candidates you have for an assignment.
  • Get a dialog with your client and indicated skills that are rare to find. Suggest alternative skills that might be of interest and relevant for their assignment.
  • Get a dialog with the candidate, indicate skills that are valuable and high in demand, indicate skills that might be no longer in deman.
  • Match your skills insight with the skills insight of the jobmarket?
  • In a candidate driven market, this will help you looking from a different angle to candidate profiles and come up with suitable candidates that are in your database, just by looking differently to their skills sets!


With Actonomy we can help you in providing more value to both your clients and your candidates.  Faster, better gets a different meaning!  Better becomes value for you, for you clients and for the candidate!