Actonomy’s flagship product xMP Semantic Mind – the fully integrated platform for text extraction, classification, semantic search and match – is now available as the latest release V5.5.1 offering several extensions :

  •  Major content updates and extensions of the core ontology/knowledge base with several new job titles and skills across the different languages.
  • Advanced models for language matching based on differences in reading, writing and speaking.
  • Expansions of job titles into wider career clusters.  Expansions (recommendations) of job titles has always been a unique and key feature of Actonomy and this has now been extended based on models that will expand in different directions simultaneously – higher functions, lower functions and functions for a horizontal move.  Opposed to other solutions on the market that make no difference between a sales manager and a sales director, Actonomy believes that accurate matching in the labor market should be based on understanding the difference between functions within a career cluster and not simply consider all as synonyms.

Actonomy xMP products are based on state-of-the-art technology such as AI, machine learning, deep learning and advanced NLP.

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