Actonomy Use Case on combining hard & soft skills matching with Ubeeo & traicie during Recruitment Tech Day on November 18th, 2021

During an interactive session, our partner Ubeeo will explain how they combine our matching with soft skills matching.  Important cases such as NS (national railways in The Netherlands) will be to demonstrate the unique way to match candidates early in the recruitment process. Ubeeo will also demonstrate how the soft skills matching of traicie add

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Qualified candidates with the right fit for your company through automated matching on hard and soft skills.

Carerix clients benefit from the integrated solution of traicie and Actonomy Finding the best candidates with one click who match based on diploma, certificates and experience (hard skills) and who also have the right fit with your company based on personality and culture (soft skills), that's what Actonomy and traicie make possible from now on

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Free Webinar on the Actonomy plugin within the Carerix platform : April 13th, 2021

During the webinar, we will highlight how Actonomy's technology will help you to save time in creating a high quality shortlist of candidates in Carerix. A general overview will be given on the integrated platform covering : assisted matching and full automated matching searching and matching with external candidate pools lead generation with integrated Index/Advertsdata

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traicie and Actonomy partnership for combined hard & soft skills assessment and candidate pre-screening.

The perfect marriage No matter how experienced and professional you are as a recruiter, it is difficult to ignore personal preferences around candidates. Using the HR-tech combination of Actonomy and traicie, you remain neutral and inclusive. It helps the recruiter to maintain an objective view, both when screening and when interviewing candidates. This is especially

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Actonomy for Carerix V2.0 : new plug-in released!

A new powerful matching plug-in for Carerix was released.  Apart from the latest AI matching power, the plug-in offers some interesting new features : Actonomy Insight : an interactive way to create your own matching models using a simple 'click' to set your weights, your preferences and what is important.  Simulate the way you want

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X-mas message from our CEO

Dear All, We are approaching the end of the year.  A remarkable year in all aspects but we are not complaining! We managed to maintain our level of business and we managed to work even more closely with partners and clients.  We also welcome some larger new clients (such as Agilitas)  both in the Belgian

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