The current Corona crisis is paralyzing our economy. Meanwhile, we seem to be looking for exit strategies enabling the fastest possible return to the ‘old normal’. This idea is outrageous. What we do need, is an entry strategy: a real breakthrough scenario for a true digital transformation. This creates tremendous opportunities in the recruiting world, too.

No doubt all Corona trouble proves a clear truth: the way we used to organize our economy before the pandemic struck, is no longer viable. Today, we all stay home, have online meetings, try to juggle with the combination of work and private life, … Meanwhile, authorities are fanatically searching for exit strategies that will lead us back to the safe, known old normal.

What a missed opportunity that is. Rather than looking for an exit, we should look for a genuine entry strategy: this crisis offers an opportunity to speed up the introduction and roll out of the digital transformation. This certainly also holds for the HR-world, even though people active in recruiting sometimes fail to see the urge of such a transformation. For all too long, they have seen recruiting as kind of a ‘craft’. Searching, selecting, matching: for many in recruiting this remains a manual labor with lots of work and live contacts.

How to create more time for the human aspect of recruiting?

Let us grasp the crisis as the ultimate opportunity to change our approach to recruiting. So, how do you digitally transform the way we recruit people? The key: automation. Sure, and more than ever: human contacts will always be necessary (after months of social distancing, we realize the importance of being together). But so as to have time for these valuable human contacts, we need to automate all other elements in the reruiting process.

Luckily enough, quite many of these processes are repetitive routines with little or no real added value. These routines are time consuming and – hence – often expensive. Exactly all routine elements in recruiting can be automated, and will ultimately provide more time to the human recruiters for personal contacts with clients and candidates.

Trust technology

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and linguistic knowledge, we today manage to automate the process of searching in huge amounts of candidate and job profiles, as well as finding the best matches between them. Actonomy’s ‘AutoMatch’ does precisely this: it helps recruiters efficiently and effectively search and match candidates and jobs. Next, it is up to the human recruiter to add real value and finalize the match.

Let our message be clear: have trust. Not only in the future and in each other, but also in technology. Thanks to a faster digital transformation we will regain time to elaborate suistainable human contacts. And all this thanks to a virus…