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Biased about AI being unbiased

Even though most recruiters will not be biased ‘on purpose’, bias is unavoidable in human interaction based decision making. AI does not take into account your race, your habits and the like when screening your skills and matching them to job profiles.

Wanted: entry strategy! Corona speeding up digital HR transformation

We should look for a genuine entry strategy: this crisis offers an opportunity to speed up the introduction and roll out of the digital transformation. This certainly also holds for the HR-world, even though people active in recruiting sometimes fail to see the urge of such a transformation.

REC+ in Barcelona, some impressions…

Lesson learned! Jobboards are death, that's what people have been saying now for years, but if you attend the conference, you can only get a totally different impression!

Combining Actonomy’s ontology with ESCO.

Actonomy’s HR-ontology is the core component behind the xMP Semantic Mind and the xMP Data Services. It does not only allow to retrieve e.g. job titles but also to provide relations between job titles and skills. 

Actonomy helps you find the right match

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